Top 5 Weight Loss Smoothie Recipes

If you ask around some weight loss tips effective weight loss , you will notice that most people who recommend weight loss smoothie recipes . This is due to the smoothie recipes contain mostly fruits that have the right amount of vitamins and nutrients your body needs. With its sweet taste , is able to satisfy your sweet cravings without causing weight gain because it contains controlled , carbohydrates and calories from sugar.

If you want a deliciously satisfying breakfast that not fattening and would be able to keep your body with all the energy you need at least half a day , it would be better to have a banana smoothie - Berry. This smoothie recipe contains orange juice , banana , tofu , fruits and optional added sugar mixed together for a complete protein and fiber breakfast . It is also very rich in vitamin C , which ensures maintaining a healthy body.

If you want a little different healthy breakfast for your taste , you can also try a smoothie recipe avocado and raspberries . It is an avocado juice , raspberry and orange mixed together without additional ingredients . It is an energy giving breakfast to be able to awaken your senses and help you get started with a day hyperactive.

To Smoothie alternative for other meals in the day, it is best to try the other three smoothie recipes are recommended by most dieticians. Perhaps you have heard of the famous phrase that says: " An apple a day keeps the doctor away." This simply means that Apple keeps us healthy . To lose weight , apple is the most recommended because it has the ability to break down fat and help improve digestion. An apple - definitely beaten nutmeg perfect if you are planning to lose weight. This recipe contains apple , nutmeg and malic acid .

If you want to cleanse your body and detoxify excess oil and other impurities can also have the Smoothie Spirulina contains frozen mixed berries , orange juice , yogurt and spirulina powder . This smoothie recipe is a great antioxidant that helps put your body in good shape and keeps you healthy .

If you are more conscious of your stomach and want flat , vanilla yogurt and blueberry smoothie is ideal to include in your diet. Contains soy milk, vanilla yogurt , blueberries and flaxseed oil .

Although the five mentioned smoothie recipes are the most recommended by most dietitians for people who want to lose weight in a much quicker period of time, yet there are many recipes for weight loss health shakes can even find totally free online . If you want to lose weight and maintain a healthy body, you should make a point to include in your diet . You can use them as an alternative to the main meals during the day or the alternative to unhealthy sweets cravings


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