Recipe for Protein Pancakes - Fat Loss or Muscle Gain

Pancakes are not the best choice of food in terms of health and fitness , they are not better than you can eat.

I love pancakes swimming in lemon juice and sugar, but eating something like this is not very good when you 're looking to pack on some muscle and lose fat, so I am come up with a healthy alternative .

When I was fat for a bodybuilding show I've tried all sorts of things with the little food that was allowed to eat . My breakfast consists of white oatmeal , eggs, protein powder and low in carbohydrates .

With a little water and cinnamon, you have the ingredients for pancakes !

Now, as they are low in fat, sugar and high in protein pancakes are the best flavor , but they are great if you 're on a diet of fat loss or muscle building , completing and protein sweetener and cinnamon meet your cravings for sweets . So this is what it takes to make these protein packed alternative to traditional pancakes -

Ingredients for pancakes protein

6 egg whites or 200 ml ( I have these a lot, so I use the egg whites in a carton , which saves time playing with separating yolks and lose. These are hard to find in the United Kingdom may be easier to find in the United States? best place to look is in a store near Articles pastry / bakery ... it was a nightmare for me to find , but worth it because I ' I thought about doing this lot

100 g of oatmeal or grits

Low carb protein powder ( whey protein ) can use any protein powder , but I would stick to a whey powder with low carbs. This is because oatmeal provides all the carbohydrates that need. I use a powder made of whey protein in the gym I train at . Now, if you're tired and unsure of protein drink by , you should be! There are many brands out there that are loaded with sugar and are of poor quality . The gym I use has a great range of quality accessories and guys know what they are talking about what they can advise you on what you need. If you are in my area in the UK is worth checking out .

Cinnamon or " All Spice "

100 ml water
The mixture is quite easy to do , just put all the ingredients in a food processor or bowl and mix.

I use a hand mixer with removable end cap for easy cleaning, which should help save time too. This is a good game, because you can use a lot and is very easy to clean. Blend the mixture . (This is personal preference , but if you mix well until the mixture is very smooth , pancakes better ) .

Once done , you need to heat a nonstick pan so it is hotter than the sun! ... Or as hot as you can. This is important if you want scrambled eggs and protein shake in a pot !

Once the pan is hot, you need to add a small amount of vegetable oil . To reduce the calories even more , I put a little oil in the pan and quickly wipe around the pan with a folded paper towel to remove excess oil and spread evenly sheet. Depending on your pan, that should be enough for up to 3 pancakes, and the oil can be reapplied .

When the pan is hot enough and the oil has been added, you need to add a small amount of the mixture in the pan. ( The more you do, the more you will see this kind of case , you must add the pancake , you can make thick or thin ) .

Once the mixture is added to the pan to let them see small bubbles form on top. Now it is time to relieve the sides with a spatula and flip it ! It should take about 30 seconds on each side , " rinse and repeat " .

This will make a lot of pancakes. If you are weight training or diet may need to adjust the amounts of ingredients here .

For my diet pre - competition, I had to eat it for breakfast . If you are on a very strict diet , you may want to remove dust or eat sweetened with honey or fruit slices. It would still be a healthy alternative .

I conclude by saying that it is an excellent choice for breakfast because they have to fill and slow-release nutrients that are low in fat / sugar and are high in protein , which is also ideal for weight loss .


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